UX Concept: Self Checkout

Sketch of my self checkout machine for the GA UXD class.
When picking a project for the UX Design class for General Assembly, I didn't elect to create an app or web site. Instead, I decided to take on an issue that all of us have in common… 
The self checkout kiosk at the grocery store.
Road to Resolution
To my astonishment, I found that many companies that are building these machines aren't really paying attention to the overall experience. Instead, they're choosing to focus on more hardware based improvements and features. It seems there's a one track, B2B, mindset.
And people think it's a necessary evil, when they're looking for the road of least resistance. A crapshoot of an experience that people don't actually enjoy. 
Design a streamlined and more aesthetically pleasing machine. With a unique circular interface that uses animation to help communicate to the customer what's happening. In addition to useful features like shopping list and a favorites list.
User Flow for Self Checkout Kiosk Concept
Next Steps
The concept being sound, the next step would be to work on the UI and animation, and create a hi def prototype.
If we were to become a legitimate product, there would be plenty of in-person testing with a circular screen. I would definitely explore more possibilities with a circular interface that would better make use of the unique format. Perhaps building out a prototype later on down the line.

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