Email Campaigns

Emails has had the highest ROI for a while, so it's been important to be able to "read the tea leafs" to decipher the best way to gain click throughs to a landing page.
Responsive Emails for The Honest Company
These emails were apart of their spring time promotions.
Get Waisted Landing Page
These were created with myself, marketing director, and a third-party marketing team. I took the time to research at other successful emails campaigns, and worked through the numbers with the email marketing team to gain a footing on our audience.
R1 layout, without analytics
R2 wound up with an 80% click through rate, after paring down the layout a bit.
R2 layout, after analytics
Get Waisted Kickstarter
The process for this was routine, but involved myself, a copywriter, brand leader, and project manager. We go over numbers, wins, and I would try to iterate based on this feedback.

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